A well-seasoned Leonardite prepared from a high quality lignite source in Europe.
It is produced by processing natural oxyhumolite with a high content of organic substances.
It is a fully water soluble concentrate of Humic & Fulvic
Acids derived from the humus rich reserves of brown lignite in Eastern Europe.

– Promotes balanced nutrient uptake by plants.
– Aids retention of moisture & nutrients in the soil.
– Prevents nutrient lock up in the soil.
– Improves soil structure
– Increases Cation Exchange Capacity of the soil.
– Stimulates root growth and proliferation
– Fully water soluble
– Great carbon source for soil microbes
– Non-toxic to people and the environment.
– It endangers neither animals nor beneficial insects like bees, etc.
– Extraordinary biological effectiveness
Application rates:
– 0.5g – 1.0g per 5L every 1 to 3 weeks
– From Seed to Harvest
– 0.25g per 1L foliar sprays


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