Potassium Bicarbonate

An Approved Fungicide For Organic Farming For the control of alternaria blight, apple scab, black spot, blights, botrytis, downy mildews, molds, phytophthora, powdery mildew and septoria leaf spot.
Directions for use:
– 3g/3ml per 1 litre dechlorinated water
– Foliar spray entire plant at coolest part of the day or sunset/lights off
– Works best in conjunction with a wetting
–  agent/ spreader (eg: JADAM wetting agent)
– Do not exceed 3ml JADAM, when combining with КНСО3.
– Do not exceed 4g/4ml per 1litre.
– Avoid spraying along with other fungicides pesticides.
– Allow a week between alternating sprays.
– May cause eye irritation
– May causes mild skin irritation
– Harmful if inhaled
– May cause respiratory irritation
– In a up right position, always sealed, temperature.


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